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Saturday, July 21, 2007


Loving those garden goodies, it's almost like FREE food! We picked all these jalapenos in one day. We made jalapeno poppers a few days later. YUM! I really am buying less from the store, especially produce. Have you seen the price of apples.......and milk is worse than gas! I plan to can the rest of the jalapenos. We are loving those garden goodies.

Friday, July 20, 2007


A homemade game has popped up at our house. Ban the T.V. and watch the creative juices flow! This homemade game is a strategic naval warfare game. It doesn't really turn me on, but these boys are sure into it. I'm pleased that they are entertaining themselves and being creative. There is a sense of satisfaction a person gets from making something or accomplishing something. Did you notice the little handcarved ships? Wow, a homemade game!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Polenta fries aren't too bad. I made polenta fries out of the leftover polenta from my first polenta recipe I ever tried. I cut the polenta into thick rectangular pieces. I coated them in melted butter and olive oil with fresh crushed garlic. (the Pampered Chef garlic press is a gem) Then I oven fried them. I seasoned the polenta fries with salt after I removed them from the oven. They were a little bland. More flavor in the polenta to begin with should solve that. Also, I think my polenta that I made first may have needed to cook longer, it was not as firm as it probably should have been. I'm not through experimenting with polenta fries.

Monday, July 16, 2007


Camping is one of our favorite outdoor recreations. We all love the outdoors. Fishing, boating, cooking over an open fire, sleeping under the stars; these are all camping highlights. It's just fun to get away from home and the rigors of everyday life and do things a little differently. Even doing without that item we discover we left at home adds to the fun. We try to pick a new place for camping as often as we can. There are so many nice camping parks close by with so much to offer. It's fun to go somewhere different each time we go camping.


Outdoor cooking can be a fun break from the everyday way of doing things. It can also be a challenge, I was wishing I had The Ultimate Campfire Kitchen for some new outdoor cooking ideas. I love to use cast iron for outdoor cooking. It is durable, easy to clean and it comes in so many styles and sizes. On our recent camping trip we made bacon, potatoes, onions and eggs all in one pan. It was really good. How's that for outdoor cooking?